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Construction work on State Street in Portland will resume in April

March 29, 2018

Work on State Street in Portland is expected to resume in April, beginning what will likely be a frustrating few months for commuters and area residents. In addition to periodic lane closures on the heavily traveled north-to-south arterial, drivers will also have to navigate a detour associated with the expansion of Maine Medical Center, which […]

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Portland children caught in the middle of housing crisis | The Telegraph

March 7, 2018

Snow covered an unprepared Portland the day 18 families learned they would soon be forced out of their homes. At the Normandy Apartments, the final day of 2016 came not with revelry but a rent hike so high it was essentially an eviction. City leaders were stunned to learn Rigler Elementary stood to watch 5 […]

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NIMBY vs. YIMBY: Housing battle brews in booming Seattle

February 22, 2018

SEATTLE – Seattle’s booming tech industry has brought a massive influx of new residents with big wallets to the city. But an ensuing housing crunch has led to skyrocketing rents and home prices that have strained middle- and working-class families and deepened the city’s crisis of homelessness. To keep construction humming and help people of […]

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