A traditional studio apartment is basically a small apartment which would be around 300sq ft – 600sq ft, often the choice for single working individuals, who spend less time at home and are mostly out the whole day. These apartments are cost-effective for those seeking a budget home, and at the same time serving all their essentials.

Small doesn’t necessarily have to mean boring with regards to design especially after viewing a beautiful apartment in Portland, it has to be marked that the best interior innovations could be accomplished in this tiny area. With the possibility of proper furnishings, the apartment could be beautified with minimal and practical décor.

A very common misconception about studio apartments is that due to the limited space, furniture can never be perfectly placed, and that it has to be kept haphazardly. In actuality, the fact is that is that just because it is a studio, it cannot be given the grand and spaced out feeling. Firstly, placing big and bulky furniture gives the room an airy feeling. Practical furniture is the current trend, so a king size bed for a single occupant doesn’t make sense. At the same time, huge, space occupying cupboards also don’t serve the purpose. Instead, a single bed, with the cupboard by its side, and a divider in the form of a book shelf, between the sleeping and working/dining area will look welcoming.

An elevated bed area above the seating/ dining area will also give the apartment a modern look, or smart storage solutions like a pull down bed, which can be pulled back when not in use, will give the room lots of empty space. Plus, the open kitchen with lots of storage cupboards will ensure nothing is out of place, which will help reduce clutter, with many built-in cupboards and storage solutions. The kitchen’s open counter could also double up as a book shelf. In short, all non-essential furniture that is not required in a small studio apartment should be avoided as it only occupies space, like sofa sets are not required to host guests, as there is anyway shortage of walking space.

Giving more color to the room, by way of bright wall colors, cushion colors, and proper lighting etc could really add glamour to the studio. Also, empty space should be considered a boon as it gives the illusion of a big apartment. Cramming every little space with furniture or other things will give the room a dull feel. The complete look and feel of the small studio apartment could be given uplift by merely getting proper furniture, placing it well and giving the room an airy and modern feeling by way of using bright colors around the apartment, and leaving more empty spaces.

Furnishing a studio apartment with practical décor
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