Holding A Loud Party In An Apartment

Parties are often hosted out of home, to wholly enjoy the loud music, lights and cocktails. But what if it could be hosted in the confines of your home surroundings? Definitely after making a few adjustments, it is totally possible to keep a loud celebration at home, to avoid the complaints that could be headed your way from many sources, namely the management of the building, the neighbors residing above, below and beside your apartment, and also those with young children.

A celebration was recently held at a beautiful apartment in Portland and a true celebration it surely was. With loud music, party lights and the company of good friends and family, the host faced no problems whatsoever from anyone around. There were a few simple steps she ensured were taken, for the smooth running of the party.

Having a huge celebration at the apartment without disturbing anyone is a task in itself. Firstly, temporarily soundproofing the rooms and covering any gaps in windows / balconies would help block in the noise. This arrangement can be done by simple methods like using egg cartons or blankets on all walls, which are very effective and helps keep the party on within the apartment only. Secondly, as it is an in-house party, it cannot get as loud as possible and volume controls have to kept under check, like keeping the bass under control will cause less disturbance. Thirdly, informing all your party guests about keeping noise levels down and not creating any havoc till they are in the apartment will also help unruly guests to not get in the way of neighbors. Thirdly, keeping the balcony doors and all other doors and windows closed at all times also adds to soundproofing the apartment. Another step that could be taken is to inform all neighbors around your apartment about the upcoming party and letting them know about timings would not catch them unaware of the sudden music, and will help them make preparations beforehand. This would ensure the smooth running of the much planned party without any hindrances. Additionally, adjusting the schedule of the celebration to keep it on a weekend would ensure that a 4am party doesn’t hinder the schedules of neighbors working the next day.

Parties are usually held at odd times, or run long into the night, and with all the noise and floor thumping, it could be creating a racket and testing the tolerance level of many people around. For the same reason, hosting a party in your apartment could call for making several adjustments to suit the situation. It cannot be held as openly as it would be if held outside the confines of the apartment, like a hotel ballroom or open-beach party, and in such a case, being considerate about your neighbors would be very essential if you are considering more upcoming parties.