The search for a perfect apartment could drain all the energy out of anyone. Especially so, in a city like the U.S., finding an apartment which ticks all the elements in your list could be challenging. A friend was lucky to find a beautiful apartment in Portland which suited all her needs. It fit her budget, was close to her workplace and the neighborhood was safe for a single working lady. These considerations are generally just a few to mark when choosing for an apartment.

When searching for the perfect apartment, there are many things to consider, the first of which is budget. The apartment should fit your budget requirements and any variation in the price charged should be cross checked, if this apartment could really be worth that much amount or not. Next in the list is safety and security. Safety of the neighborhood where the building is located is a first for families and women. Walking around the area and talking to a few residents could give a general idea about the safety concern. With regards to security, there should be building security available 24/7. This is a very important concern as one of the main reason apartments are chosen to reside in, is that building security is readily provided.

Standard apartment buildings always have facilities included in the building itself, like swimming, fitness centers, tennis courts etc. This is again a necessary requirement when looking for an apartment. Another requirement is proximity to all convenient locations. The grocer, school, public park, and clinics have to be at a nearby distance to avoid travelling far. The apartment should even be located conveniently from your workplace, as this helps reduce traveling time and costs.

Besides these, the other factors to consider are parking spaces (if you own a car), utilities that would be provided for by the landlord, which includes gas bills; and the size of the apartment, i.e. the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Also, the number of in-built storage cabinets and closets should also be well studied. Enough storage is always essential to accommodate all your necessities, as it is very undesirable for anyone to have clutter lying around all around their apartment.

Air circulation is also an important element when house-hunting. The apartment should have enough windows and balconies to ensure ventilation. Packed apartments normally give a claustrophobic feeling. Balconies are also a requirement for garden lovers, who take potted plants with them wherever they go.

With these many factors to take into account while searching for the perfect apartment, it shouldn’t get too arduous, as this task always requires a lot of patience. No doubt there are many apartments out there that are ready to occupied, but not all of these could meet your requirements.

How to find the perfect apartment
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