A restaurant in Oregon is using its receipts to bring awareness about the importance of immigrants.

River Pig Saloon in Portland has been printing the message, “Immigrants make America great! They also cooked your food!” at the bottom of the receipts.

The pub owner, Ramzy Hattar, told Fox News he wants people to realize that immigrants are the backbone of the restaurant industry and a lot of other industries.

“We wouldn’t be able to survive without them. What makes America so great are the immigrants who have moved here,” Hattar said. “[They] allow us all to survive and offer the great food and beverages we are known for throughout America.”

The message has been mostly well-received, according to Hattar, with many people online praising the restaurant for its message.

Hattar, whose parents are immigrants, said he started printing the receipts after he and his family began receiving a lot of hate and prejudice lately.

“I felt like I needed to stand up for my employees who bust their a—s every day and still have families back in Mexico who can’t come here,” he said.

Hattar also noted that he is “standing up for the children and legal immigrants” and that all of his employees came to this country legally.

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.

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Portland restaurant using receipts to send message about immigrants