Sharing an apartment with a college mate works out best for students who are living and eating on a budget and sharing costs is their most effective method to save. Students often use this technique when studying abroad, with no residential availability, and more often than not, they share studio apartments.

Shared apartment living means sharing the same kitchen and bathroom and this could get tedious for some. There are pros and cons to every shared accommodation and the same goes for students sharing an apartment. If they get on well together, it works in their favor and university life could be as smooth as butter. However, if either has problems with the other, with regards to timings, visitors, noise, snoring, etc, it will have to be dealt with and life could get challenging.

Two college mates were fortunate enough to find a beautiful apartment in Portlandwhich they have now furnished together. Both girls are getting on well together; partying, chatting or watching movies late into the night. The technique they used was very simple yet very effective at the same time.Having a fixed routine schedule for doing all the house work, they divide and share each task amongst themselves. If one does the dishes and the cleaning today, the other has to do the cooking and the clothes. This way, they have adjusted well with each other’s routines and they provide good company to each other.

Not everyone could be that lucky though, and in other cases, sharing an apartment with a stranger could turn out to be a nightmare. With unruly visitors at odd times, to playing loud music on speakers, to avoiding work duties, the list can be endless. For some, this is too much to take and they prefer paying more and getting a separate apartment and piling on more debt to the already heavy pile; and others would have no choice but to put up with all this tackiness, because of budget related issues.

Single working professionals also prefer the same solution to saving costs and expenses. By cutting on rent, utilities and other finances, they realize that there is much more cash in hand than there was previously. Rent, utility and maintenance bills are split between the flatmates and this is the sole reason for sharing the apartment. With rising cost of living, economizing is an effective solution to saving. This means that even if one can afford all luxuries, keeping a tab on expenses and living on a low budget will help save some cash for the future.

Oftentimes, sharing an apartment could result in having good company and long friendshipsfor a lifetime, so this stands to be the most positive outcome of apartment sharing.

Pros and cons of sharing the apartment
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